When it comes to marketing properties. You get higher returns when you give prospective purchasers a clear picture of your development. At Property-CGI, we create realistic exterior renders that perfectly depict the building in 3D format and help your prospective buyers to visualise what the property will look like once complete. We are at the forefront of adopting the latest technology to create precise and high-clarity property images.


What We Offer

In order to receive higher returns, it is important to eliminate the guesswork from the early stages of property development. If customers cannot visualise what they are purchasing, they are much less likely to invest in projects. This is also a fantastic time to iron out any design elements that need changing, as we can easily alter aspects such as brick colour and window design, to make sure the build goes without a hitch. Once the build has taken place, any design changes will be costly, both in terms of time and money. Therefore, it is good to eliminate this risk early on with exterior CGI’s of entire buildings and their surroundings.

The Residential Exterior CGI’s that we offer enable the following benefits:

Our residential exterior CGI’s can benefit you in the following ways:

  • By speeding up the acquisition of consent from local authorities
  • Clearly and accurately conveying the building’s design
  • Understanding the context of the proposed building, in relation to the surrounding
    materials and infrastructure
  • Demonstrating the distinctive nature of your development
  • Creating professionally crafted images for marketing material, before the
    infrastructure is built
  • Share images of your proposed properties on social media, in order to publicise
    your site and increase capital investment

By employing Property CGI to model your property, your prospective buyers will be able to view specific site details without having to visit the site or even wait for the project to be completed. This has been proven to vastly increase interest and sales. All we need from you is the full plan from your architect and information regarding your building’s appearance including materials, colours, and any other external features, and we will provide you with a complete CGI image within 5 working days.

Our Creation Process

Here at Property CGI, we like to keep our creation processes as succinct as possible, working to the following 4 steps:

  1. We begin by creating a 3D model, from your 2D drawings, and then forward a mock-up image to you, to show the proposed angles and ensure we are on the
    right track.
  2. Once you have chosen your angles, we add materials, lighting and finishing touches to create an accurately coloured CGI image. This will then be returned to
    you for review.
  3. After receiving your feedback, we will make any required amendments to your image, and create a second CGI image ready to be reviewed again.
  4. Following this final review, we will make any last amendments and supply you with a final high-resolution exterior property CGI.

For larger projects, we also offer a special service where up to 5 or more feedback loops are provided. This is especially useful for those projects that require heavy customisation.

All we need from you is your 2D drawings, and we can do the rest. We will provide you with professional and precise CGI property images that conform to your artistic vision. Get in touch with us today and begin to reap the countless benefits of Property CGI.


Computer Generated Image

Single Elevation Render

£300 / 350Average Cost
  • High Quality Render of a Single Elevation
  • Up to 3 Different Renders
  • Stage 1 – Building the model from plans provided
  • Stage 2 – Adding realistic textures to the building
  • Stage 3 – Once the building has been approved, we then work on finishing the scene, adding trees and hedges in the background, plus realistic looking grass.
  • Stage 4 – Any photo editing

Full Model & Multiple Renders

£600 / 850Average Cost
  • High Quality Renders & Multiple Views
  • Up to 10 Different Renders
  • Stage 1 – Building the model from plans provided
  • Stage 2 – Adding realistic textures to the building
  • Stage 3 – Once the building has been approved, we then work on finishing the scene, adding trees and hedges in the background, plus realistic looking grass.
  • Stage 4 – Any photo editing

Please contact us if you require a CGI quote for more than 2 properties

Teigh Barn Conversion

Here is a quick video preview of a new barn conversion project in Teigh which will be used for marketing purposes. Videos can be supplied at a small cost and really help to bring a still image to life!

Luxury Modern Property

Creating a luxury modern home in the centre of the UK. Surrounded by nature, this property truly is unique. This Eco-home is fully self-sustained.


GG designs provided very professional and attentive service throughout the design phase of our self-build home project. The team helped us evolve the design by generating the house, landscaping and street scene in high quality 3D visuals. This proved to be an incredibly helpful and creative process which lead to a number of key design changes and material choices. The final output was a series of visual renderings that supported our planning application to help ‘bring the design to life’. I would highly recommend GG designs.

Dan Mottram
Tom has been excellent throughout the entire process of putting together the CGI’s for our property marketing, great turnaround times, regular feedback and a stunning end product, would definitely recommend.
Ben Wakefield, Ardent Construction

As an established housebuilder in Norfolk we often need CGI’s done for our new homes and discovered GG Designs a couple of months ago. The service was excellent and faultless, and the CGI’s superb. They have a can-do attitude to what they do, and go the extra mile. All that and extremely competitive!

Richard B, Lambford Homes


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